About Us

Founder words: I work with memories, vintage, and every thing have their life and stories…

Ch. was construction based BIM engineer familiar with 3D modelling on building industry.

Work with construction industry almost ten years on designing building and civil works. At the end of 2022, I quit my stable and promising job to start my dream.

Which is a dream was buried almost ten years. Today, I start to have my small business which is my little dream when I was young.

I love historical buildings, they are spectacular and full with cultural. I remember when I am a student in University, my favour subject is the historical building and cultural preservation. I am excited to bring my camera and shoot anywhere with historical feature.

I love vintage and tradition things. Every old studs have their stories. I love create and build new things. Therefore , it is a formation of us, create and abouts, all new build with their stories.